About us

About Us

Our Philosophy

We are committed to making a difference in your life.

When you are looking for a home care solution, what is the most important thing you should consider? We believe it is knowing that the people you choose are committed to making a difference in your life, in your home, in your family, and also in your community. It is a different approach to home care that makes Aador-Jotno Home Care unique. Our team brings a fresh and highly experienced new perspective to making a difference in the lives of those we serve. We have brought together a remarkable new approach to your home care solutions, and a team of caregivers that share our philosophy, and our commitment to you.

Our Vision

One point solution for In-Home patient care services in Kolkata & to be the trusted Home Health Care provider on whom people can rely on.

Our Mission

Make Homecare affordable, accessible, anytime & anywhere. Also, we are dedicated to provide best in class Home Health Care experience.

Our Values

n the delivery of high quality home health care services, We are guided by the following values: Caring, Passion, Team work, Therapeutic Communication, Integrity, Excellence, Accountability.


Ensure quality and convenience by providing accessible care to all.

Our Core Values

We deliver home care to clients and their families with values which are embodied in the Aador Jotno acronym.


We believe in Customer First approach & value our professionalism attitude in serving our clients.


Our team with unmatched skill, compassion, and integrity.


Our care service is uniquely personalized & designed with your loved one in mind


Home Care requires a Nurturing Touch & we try to deliver it all the time.


Well experienced, skilled caregivers for home care will be there to assist you or your family


We work hard to develop healthy behaviors in our caregivers


Our company prides itself on providing a high standard of care

Corporate Vision of “Aador – Jotno”

Aador – Jotno’s vision is to be the most trusted home health care provider; supporting the needs and independence of each individual, delivered through our quality services. As leaders of community support, information, lifestyle services, oversight and a holistic approach to care; we will continue to contribute to the future of our community and support healthy lifestyles. We will –

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity, fairness and empathy
  • Live our Company Values: Passion, Compassion, Education
  • Foster an internal environment of collaboration, enthusiasm, and innovation

In so doing, “Aador – Jotno” will become the first choice of home care support provider & primary source of community information in our catchment areas

Community Vision of “Aador – Jotno”

In a world where the care needs of society are becoming more complex and expensive day by day “Aador – Jotno” aims to push the boundaries of care to better serve the diverse set of emotional, physical, cognitive and lifestyle needs while placing the individual and their families front and centre of the home care service experience.

Businesses that look after people in need of care act as important gatekeepers of our society’s fundamental values. Our vision is of a world where community cooperation and the bonds and values of our community are encouraged to grow so that we can better support and manage its needs as one.

Our Mission

To responsibly oversee and deliver high quality, caring, cost effective medical and non-medical home care services, geriatric care management oversight for critical care needs, and lifestyle services to meet the diverse needs of individuals and families in our care. Aador - Jotno’s mission can be broadly classified as below :


Our passion drives our commitment to deliver high quality professional care and oversight of that care, from the initial enquiry and caregiver assessment, to the start of service and the daily oversight and management of that service by our Care Manager. Our passion lies at the heart of our commitment to push the boundaries of our care through investment in service innovation & development and providing employee skills training. But our Passion also underpins our commitments like acting with integrity, putting our clients first and to acknowledging the great responsibility we have as a care giving organization.


Home care is first and foremost a human relationship, not primarily a service and not any number of hours a week. Without compassion we could not attend to the diverse needs of our members while keeping our focus on the person we are looking after. We deliver care to people through people. Recognizing this we see our members and their families, our staff and our caregivers as human beings. Compassion also underpins our business practices to act naturally with integrity and within ethical frameworks.


While “Aador – Jotno” commits itself to help individuals and families in need and in providing proper timely services, education also underpins the evolution of its own services. As a company we are constantly evolving and learning from our daily activities, our staffs, our caregivers and most importantly from our clients whom we serve. Education underpins our values, our service and our quality of care.