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Dementia Care

Familiarity and a Friendly face, for those Living with Dementia

What is Dementia?

Dementia is a term for a range of progressive symptoms and conditions that affect the brain and memory.

The brain is made up of billions of neurons (nerve cells) that communicate with each other through chemical signals. If a person has dementia, these neurons are damaged which means that these messages cannot be sent efficiently which in turn effects all functions of the body.

What is Dementia Care?

Dementia care is all about helping you or a relative to have the support they need to carry on living in their own home.A change of routine and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. That’s why more families than ever are turning to home care rather than putting them to Old Age Homes / Nursing Homes, so their loved one can stay in the place they know and love.

Our carers always work to follow a routine that you’re used to and comfortable with, maintaining independence as much as possible, and always promoting the highest standard of care for the person they’re supporting.

Dementia homecare

Whether you just need someone to check on your loved one first thing in the morning and help with personal care or breakfast, or continuous live-in care to make sure they’re safe during the night, you can be assured that our fully-trained carers will be on hand to help whenever you need them. They can also assist with other areas,

such as:

  • Medication support
  • Helping with mobility
  • Facilitating hobbies, activities, and social interaction
  • Preparing meals and tending to household tasks

How do you care for someone with Dementia?

You may find that your loved one is having difficulty recalling past memories, family members or life events.

To support them you can help communicate with them through their identity – like their background, hobbies, interests and who is important to them. To help you do this, our carers canhelp you capture loved one’s memories and reminisce with them – taking a trip down memory lane.

As their condition deteriorates and they progress through the stages of dementia, your loved one may need an increased amount of support. However, through still involving them in their everyday tasks, you will allow them to feel useful and may alleviate any negative feelings regarding their self-worth. At “Aador – Jotno”, we stay up to date with all dementia research and dementia nursing processes to ensure that we are a dementia friendly organisation. Our nursing team and carers look to stay on top of all developments to provide the best possible treatment they can.

Encouraging good health

The longer people stay fit and healthy for, the better quality of life they have. This is because if someone has an unhealthy diet, they can be susceptible to illnesses which can increase the effects of dementia and cause further confusion and agitation. Encouraging a person with dementia to exercise may be difficult at times, however the benefits are worth it.

Try some easy exercises with your loved one if they have not been very active previously. Gentle exercises performed from a chair can help to improve mobility and increase activity.

Some of the recommended movementsare:

Chest Stretch

sitting upright, pull your back from the chair and push your shoulders back. While extending your arms out to the side, gently push your chest out until you feel a stretch.

Upper-body twist

cross your arms over your chest and reach for your shoulders. Turn your upper body to the left without moving your hips, repeat this five times for each side.

Hip Marching

hold on to the sides of the chair and lift your left leg up as high up as is comfortable, keeping the knee bent. Do five of these lifts with each leg.

Ankle stretch

straighten and lift your leg until it is off the floor. Point your toes away and then back towards you. Try doing two sets of five of these stretches with each foot.

Facilitating Hobbies and Interests

Just because someone is diagnosed with dementia does not mean that they automatically lose all interest in their hobbies. However, they may need some help with facilitating these.

Your loved one could enjoy reading a daily newspaper but find it difficult to go down to their local shop. Assisting them by quickly picking it up means that they will still be able keep up to date with current events and have not needed to miss out on this.

Continuous Support from the Dementia Specialists

We all acknowledge that caring for people with dementia can be daunting and challenging. That’s why we have developed bunch ofcarerswho are experts in dementia care and understand how to make life easier for those living with the condition.

We recognise that the homes of our customers aren’t just buildings, they’re treasure troves, hosting decades’ worth of cherished memories. And when caring for someone with dementia, this continuity and consistency of environment and routine is absolutely vital. With our service, your loved one will be cared for by the same familiar faces, and you’ll get to know your carers too. Read more about our consistent service for live-in care, respite care, palliative care, domiciliary care and visiting care.

What are the options for Dementia care at Home offered by “ Aador – Jotno ”?

We offer a range of care your loved ones with dementia, it can either be day care, overnight care or full-time live-in. Our Professional Carers can provide a range of services for your loved one depending on their individual level of dementia and problems associated with this. Our services include; companionship, domestic help, meal preparations, medication assistance, mobility assistance, personal care and hygiene care.

With “Aador – Jotno” you have the peace of mind of a fully managed Dementia care program.

We’re helping people every day – across all parts of Kolkata– to cope with the various challenges that come with dementia and memory loss. With hundreds of different strains of this sometimes-debilitating condition, and many different stages, one of our handpicked carers will maintain your loved one’s everyday routines and can ease the strain on your family – offering an alternative to care homes (i.e. Old Age Homes).

Call us today to find out more about our dementia care services and the many flexible options for care at home.

Benefits of Dementia Care

Many of the difficulties associated with dementia such as; confusion, memory loss, aggression and incontinence can mean those suffering from dementia feel that it is harder to remain independent and live their normal lives. OurCarers will help your loved one to remain independent within their own home, enabling them to maintain their normal routines and continue to feel comfortable and safe. As symptoms of dementia progress we understand how important it is to maintain a stable and regular routine, we can ensure that your loved one will have continuity in the Professional Carer that they have looking after them in order to ensure that the highest quality of care can be provided.

Find out more about our care services for Dementia

Feel free to call our Care Manager at 6292199988 / 9748866119 to discuss about the Dementia home care requirements of your loved ones or whether live-in care may be the right solution for your loved one with Dementia.