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In Home Care & Support for Elderly Adults in Kolkata Area.

As years pass the natural process of ageing settles in physical ailments, chronic health conditions and subtle changes in cognitive ability can make it difficult for your elderly loved ones to maintain their safety and independence at home.These changes can force many seniors / elders to give up their homes and their independence, moving into Old Age Homes ( assisted living & nursing home ) facilities.

As a result of aging, many seniors (elder people) will eventually require some level of care and assistance with their daily living, as aging process restricts person’s activities in their daily lives, making independency is too difficult.And as we believe that people value their independence and privacy, and they don’t want to be a burden on their family, we make it our goal to meet with your parents’ needs and promote independence in their personal home environment. If you are concerned about your parents, struggling unnecessarily, it is always good time to be proactive and make it easy for them and yourself by hiring an experienced caregiver from a reputed agency.

Indicators That Your Loved One Needs Caregiver Services

If you are not sure if your parents need the assistance of a professional caregiver, there are some indicators to help you identify the potential need for elderly care services.

  • A recent illness or injury that affects their ability to function on a daily basis.
  • If they suffer from impaired vision, hearing and / or alertness, as this may increase their risk for being involved in accidents.
  • Reduced personal ability to perform personal hygiene and impaired ability to personal grooming, mouth care, toileting or dressing.
  • If your parent became anxious, irritable or depressed.
  • Being unable to manage own medications properly.

If you have concern even with one issue, it may be good time to take an active role in your parent’s life; it is always the right time to consider hiring dependable caregiver to provide your parents with the needed assistance.Feel free to seek the advice from us to help you and your family to make the most suitable and beneficial health decision. You can contact us and discuss your concerns; we are sure we can work the best care plan that is customized to your parent’s individual needs and arrange for the appropriate plan.

Our Care Plan Include :

Our care plan for elderly will help your loved one manage various day to day routine activities that are not of a medical nature, but are more geared towards managing everyday tasks.

  • Helping with everyday hygiene needs such as bathing, getting in and out of clothes, sponging, and shaving, grooming needs such as trimming nails and hair and so on.
  • Assisting the person move around the house and out of the house if required. Helping with getting in and out of a car or automobile, helping getting in and out of a wheelchair, bed and so on.
  • Looking after basic everyday housekeeping requirements such as making the bed, changing the bed linen, dusting, preparing the meal, feeding, keeping the room or closest area clean, keeping clothes in the right space and so.
  • You can depend on us to assign a responsible & compassionate caregiver to attend to your parent's needs & health.
  • Our caregivers are fully supported & supervised by our Care Manager to ensure that proper care is delivered which is tailored to the need of each client.

Benefits of in-home elderly care

Consistency and stability are very important for elderly people and the maintenance of their health. By choosing “Aador – Jotno” to provide private elderly care at home for your loved ones we believe that these can be achieved. The trauma that is often experienced from moving away from one’s own home of many years can be avoided, whilst independence and normality can be maintained. Our carers can help your loved-one remain independent and active in their local community so that that they will not have to compromise on their independence and activities that they enjoy.

The Benefits of our Elderly Care Service

Elderly care Care Home
Consistent, 1:1 care Yes No
Hand-picked your carer Yes No
Manage your Care Plan Yes No
Dedicated customer support Yes No
Stay in your own home Yes No

How “Aador – Jotno” can help Elderly people ?

We understand that there really is no place like home. Aador-Jotno’s elderly care plan gives elderly people all the support they need to stay in the place they love. Our dedicated team of care workers can provide a range of services tailored to the needs of any elderly person, from simple support around the home to help with bathing to medicinal assistance.Even if you or your aging family member is looking for a companion to ward off feelings of loneliness, we’re available to help. Our Elder Care services take many forms which you will get to learn from the sections below.

What is Aador - Jotno's elderly care service at home ?

At “Aador – Jotno” we understand the difficulties in trying to find the most appropriate care for your elderly loved ones. Moving away from home comforts and normal daily routines can be highly stressful and uncomfortable at any age and particularly for the elderly. For some, moving to an Old Age Home may be an attractive option however, here at “Aador – Jotno” we understand that for most people, they would prefer to stay in their own home so that stability, routine and comfort can be maximised.

Our in-home elder care service is one where an experienced caregiver will help to look after your elderly loved one. This could be after your loved one who is recovering from an illness, injury or surgery, could be something that is a result of old age, or any other health related problem where your elderly loved one needs constant looking after and assistance.

At “Aador – Jotno”, we offer you all the care and assistance, support that your elderly loved one can need, right in the comfort of their own home.

What are the options for elderly care at home?

We offer a variety of care packages for elderly people within their own home; overnight care, day care, hourly care (4,6,8,10 hrs) and live-in care (i.e 24 hrs care) are all available for elderly clients. Carers can provide a variety of services including; personal care and hygiene; domestic help; medication prompting; companionship; mobility assistance and more specialised care.

Why should you hire a caregiver from “Aador – Jotno”?

At “Aador–Jotno”, we take the utmost care to make sure that the caregiver who comes to your home is experienced and skilled and can provide your loved one with the best elderly care can provide your loved one with the best elderly care and service. When you hire a caregiver from “Aador–Jotno”, you can be assured of:


All our elderly care attendants are skilled and have years of experience in the health care industry. They are equipped to take care of a wide range of medical and health care needs in the comfort of the patient’s home.

Genuine Credentials

Genuine Credentials

We make sure that our caregivers come with all valid documents and go through background checks.

Emergency Facilities

We provide you round the clock elderly care services, whether you need a caregiver for the day, for the night, or suddenly require someone to come home and look after your loved one. At “Aador – Jotno”, our caregivers are ready 24 X 7 to meet all your requirements.

Medical and Non-Medical home elderly care

Once you have hired a caregiver for your elderly family member, it is possible that you realize their needs have changed. You may need to change certain terms that you agreed upon earlier while hiring, or you may wish to re-work on the type of program or customized plan that you set up at the start.

There are two main types of home elder care services that a homecare agency will provide you with. One will be more catered towards non-medical and a more regular day-to-day kind of care, while the other will be more catered towards medical care for elderly.

Understanding the person’s exact needs and preferences and communicating the same with the caregiver can be very helpful. Understanding the person’s exact needs and preferences and communicating the same with us (care agency) as well as the caregiver can be very helpful. Hence we will be in a position to support you as per the actual requirement.

What is professional home based Medical care or Health based care?

A medical careor health based care for elderly service is one where your elderly loved one will require care and attention while recovering from a health issue, or while going through any type of health condition.

This type of home elder care service is provided to people who may require physical therapy sessions, are already going through some or the other type of medical treatment or are recovering from a current form of illness.

The people who will provide such home elder care services may comprise of a team of doctors, physiotherapists, nurses and so on.

Here are some of the services that the elderly can look forward to from a medical care system or health based home elderly care plan:

  • Taking care of wounds and managing cleaning and dressing the wound.
  • Monitoring the vitals and taking care of daily medication.
  • Helping the patient manage pain and any discomfort.
  • Assisting with physiotherapy exercises to manage the condition as well as start healing process.
  • Helping with the use of assistive devices as well as any medical equipment

Additional Info :

Sometimes, it is possible that the caregiver you have hired is not able to form a bond with the Elder person, and even though the caregiver is experienced and trained, they may not be the best match for each other in terms of trust and care. If you feel this is the case, it is best to discuss this with ourCare Manager and ask for a different caregiver.

While it is always good to be present around the person and the caregiver for the first few days to help them form a connection, do allow the caregiver to take charge and do his or her work as required.

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