Ichhepuran : Your Complete Home Care Management Solution

What Is “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services” ?

Elderly people, often faced with the realisation that they can no longer fully look after themselves without additional care and support & have become a burden on their family and friends. They start assuming that time has come & now they will have to give up their home and lifestyle to which they have become accustomed & shift to Old Age Homes / Care Homes, as we tend to automatically assume Old Age Homes / Care Homes are the best or only option. But in reality it is a very very hard decision indeed !!!

At “Aador - Jotno” we believe that this doesn’t need to be the case. Given the choice, most of us would choose to remain within our homes whilst receiving proper support & care. We believe receiving 24 hour care at home is a popular alternative to moving to Old Age Homes or Care Homes for individuals with long-term health needs. We know that independence, choice and dignity are important for both happiness and health. Hence to solve this problem “Aador - Jotno” has brought a completely new solution for you, which is named as “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services”. This specially designed care service “Ichhepuran” enables you to continue to live your life the way you wish to in the comfort of your own home and familiar surroundings. Our team of professional carers are trained to provide you with the highest quality of compassionate care you require all the time, to maximize your comfort and quality of living.

Receiving care at your home makes it possible to get the professional support you require without leaving the comfort of your own home. Our carers provide your loved one with full-time 1:1 care in their own home, which facilitates a closer relationship between Carer and client. They are available to support your loved one round-the-clock and help them lead the most comfortable life possible. Our Carers are able to assist with day-to-day tasks and enable them to stay independent in their own home. Hence, Live-in care is becoming an increasingly popular option due to the ease of transition and the lack of disruption for your loved one’s current lifestyle. This can be particularly advantageous for those suffering from dementia or other vital diseases, as staying within familiar settings and having minimal disruption to their daily lives can have a positive effect on their condition.

Why “Ichhepuran” has been developed as a separate wing of
“Aador – Jotno” ?

At “Aador-Jotno” we understand the difficulties in trying to find the most appropriate care for your elderly loved ones. Moving away from home comforts and normal daily routines can be highly stressful and uncomfortable at any age, and particularly for the elderly. For some, moving to anOld Age Home may be an attractive option however, practically we have seen & understand that for most people, they would prefer to stay in their own home so that stability, routine and comfort can be maximised. Hence “Aador – Jotno” has created a wing dedicated to the elder class of people which is named as “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services”, it focuses onlive-in care service arrangement provided to the customers, and acts as a complete solution provider to the elders / senior citizens.

Concept of Live In Care system :

Why Live In Care at Home ?

Live-in care offers a practical, personalised and cost-effective alternative to Care Homes (or Old Age Homes) or Nursing Home Care.Live-in care provides the highest level of one-to-one support and companionship yet allows you or your loved one to remain in the comfortable, familiar and secure surroundings of home& receive the best care. Live-in care helps people live well at home for longer by providing specialist care in the comfort of the home.Our fully managed service provides you with theassistance you require to safely maintain your independence, avoiding the trauma of upheaval for those in need of full time support.

01. Independence, dignity and choice

For many, moving to Old Age Home / Care Home in the later years of life to can cause significant trauma, due tounfamiliar surroundings. Also,Old Age Home / Care Home or Nursing HomeCare , isby default institutional in nature, it means losing one's independence is almost always inevitable , this can have grave effects on your mental and physical health.

By choosing 24 hour care at home, you can:

    • Stay in control over life for longer
    • Benefit from having your routines, privacy and preferences respected and listened to
    • Maintain relationships and family life - seeing friends and family in a relaxed and familiar environment
    • Keep up with hobbies, interests and clubs in your local community
    • Use home surroundings to stimulate care - such as the ground-breaking SPECAL method for Dementia

02. Familiar and safe surroundings

We passionately believe that most people want to stay in their homes for as long as possible. Home is where your belongings, treasures, pets and memories are. Where the family is used to come to visit and where your community can support you. This is especially important for people living with dementia, as familiarity is hugely important to overall health and well-being.

Live in care makes it possible to continue enjoying these comforts, whilst receiving the support you require.

By choosing live-in care, you are choosing to continue living with choice and control, surrounded by your families and communities.

03. Cost effective

Live in care is a very economical option for individuals with long term care requirements. For an economical price, you receive a bespoke service, which not only caters to your healthcare needs but also your mental, social and emotional needs.

For couples seeking care, live in care is significantly cheaper than two rooms in a Care Home or hiring a single big room to stay. Couples can continue living as partners, without disrupting their usual routines. Giving you the opportunity to freely enjoy meals, outings and social activities together, whilst receiving care tailored to each individuals unique needs.

The level of trust and friendship which is developed between a live in carer and a service user is unlikely to be obtained through other care provisions. Our carers provide a patient, personal and intimate service with aim of making you as comfortable as possible.

We understand that when you need to find a carer it can be an extremely stressful time, we are here to help you understand what 24 hour care at home involves, providing you with advice and resources to help you make an informed decision. If you’d like to find out more about our care options, you can have a confidential talk to our friendly team at anytime on

04. Consistent one-to-one care at home

For many people who may be living with a condition like Dementia, Parkinson’s or Multiple Sclerosis, specialist care is essential.

Our tailored live in care service provides:

  • A team of professional carers - highly trained, experienced
  • Carers that are employed by us - we invest in their training, give proper levels of pay and reward loyalty so they are highly motivated and the best they can be
  • Effective and shorter rota work patterns so our carers give you high quality and consistent care
  • Highly trained carers in the latest techniques including the ground-breaking SPECAL method for dementia which makes a real difference to lives

Round-the-clock managed service

Our live-in care service will give you and your family peace of mind. As well as providing companionship and specialist care,

Our service includes:

  • Taking responsibility for household and domestic tasks - including looking after pets
  • Liaising with all medical professionals involved
  • Dedicated carers
  • 24/7 support and advice whenever you and your family need it
  • Specialist nurse (if requiredSPECAL method for Dementia

How does lchhepuran’s care program differ from other types of care?

We sometimes believe that loss of dignity, loneliness and disengagement from family, society & near and dear ones are part of aging process. But we strongly reject this idea. We believe that people are more important than anything else & we have seen that elderly / senior people are getting deprived of their rights & wishes which is very unusual. Hence we have formed “Ichhepuran” to transform lives, and make life easier for those who need it.

Unlike other care provisions available in the market such as Old Age Homes / Care Homes and hourly care services, “Aador – Jotno” provides a more holistic service, we lovingly call it “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services”, its in a true sense an Ichhepuran of your life, a long desire, the way you want to see it…

Through “Ichhepuran” program we keep in regular contact with our member clients and their families through our caregivers, our nurses and our client services team. It is this regular contact and monitoring of member and family needs that is central to our service culture and our ability to assume the important responsibilities of care giving. It also provides the supporting framework for our new geriatric care management service.

There are times when the needs of our members and their families extend beyond the realm of primary home care services. When caring for aging parents with existing and emerging complex needs, knowing what to look for and when to bring in help can be of utmost importance.

To address these needs we provide a specialist geriatric care management option via our “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services” program. This service sits on top of our traditional homecare options and is a unique solution much necessary for Elderly class of people these days.

Our specialized service monitors clients with complex care needs, meets with them periodically to assess their circumstances, looking to respond to issues before they become a crisis, integrates with the flow of information from the caregivers, families and client services team, and is able to assess when to bring in and recommend other care management services and expertise.

Through “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services” the expertise and individualized customer service of a Geriatric Care Manager is now available to every family as part of their hourly home care options.

This is because :

  • Your plan of care is uniquely developed to suit your needs without any rigid timetables or set routines.
  • Specialist care will be provided to you within the comfort of your home from carers who have a true understanding of the needs you may have
  • You will avoid the disruption and upheaval of moving out of your home to receive 24 hour care
  • It is proven to improve both health and well-being.
  • A more economical option compared to Care Homes - especially for couples who are able to stay together.
  • You can continue living life surrounded by your communities and home comforts - including pets

Designed care plan

Under Ichhepuran’s care scheme, a dedicated carer will be assigned to you, will reside in the home with you or your loved one to provide a continuous and reliable service, thereby offering complete peace of mind.

As such live-in care enables you or your loved one to retain their dignity, independence and lifestyle, and is particularly beneficial for anyone for whom relocation into an Old Age Home or Nursing Home would entail significant upheaval and loss of independence.

Our carers will be unobtrusive and are there to help facilitate someone’s day to day life, allowing them to live life the way they want to with support and guidance as necessary. We will always choose the most appropriate carer to work with your loved one. Our Care Manager, once they have assessed the care and support needs will choose a carer based on their experience, skills and qualifications to ensure the best possible match.

A live-in carer is always on hand to assist with domestic duties and personal care, to share in and help with hobbies and leisure activities and to offer companionship, but they are also discreet and will recognise and respect a person’s wishes to be left undisturbed.

As an alternative to moving to an Old Age Home, “Ichhepuran’s” care plan offers a wealth of benefits. Individuals and couples can remain in the comforting and secure surroundings of their own home, continuing to live their preferred lifestyle and remaining part of their community. They receive exactly the degree of care and companionship that they require, delivered by expertly trained care professionals.

Families and friends have the sound peace of mind of knowing that their loved ones are enjoying the best possible quality of life whilst in the protective hands of a compassionate carer who has their health, safety and security at heart, is available whenever needed; twenty-four hours a day, and can respond quickly and appropriately in the event of an emergency.

Tentative Regular Care Plan

Working in teams , our carers provide round the clock assistance to your loved ones in the security of their own homes. Your care assessment will ultimately determine the type and level of care that you require.

Your carers duties may consist of:

  • Light household chores and duties
  • Assisting you with social activities
  • Administration of the house hold including bills, doctors’ appointments
  • Health and Hygiene
  • Cooking/ Nutrition
  • Promoting and administering medication
  • Specialist Care for complex conditions.

Ichhepuran Vs Old Age Home ( Care Home )

Ichhepuran’s care plansare affordable, high-quality alternative to Old Age Homes / Care Homes& most importantly customizable. The table below outlines some further benefits ofthe service compared to Old Age Homes / Care Homes.

Ichhepuran’s Care PlanOld Age Home/Care Home

Ichhepuran’s Care PlanCare Home
Stay in your own homeYesNo
Consistent, 1:1 careYesNo
Hand-picked your Professional CarerYesNo
Manage your Care PlanYesNo
Dedicated customer supportYesNo
Dedicated customer supportYesNo

Who Can Get Benefit From Ichhepuran’s Care Pacakage ?

There is no one size that fits all approach to your support your needs . Your service is built around your specific needs and wishes. Our professional carers are carefully matched to your loved ones based on their experience, skills, training and qualifications as well as personality, hobbies and interests. Our home care services can be provided on a long-term basis as well as on a short-term& respite basis.

Our carers are trained and experienced enough in caring for a range conditions including:

    • Dementia
    • Alzheimer's
    • Parkinson's Disease
    • Stroke
    • Multiple Sclerosis
    • Cancer
    • Palliative/ Terminal Conditions.
    • Mobility and Frailty
    • Young Adults

Your carers duties may consist of:

    • Companionship care, where our team of carers will support you to comfortably and safely carry out your daily activities.
    • Assistance with Personal Care helping you maintain quality in all aspects of life.
    • Or Complex care ensuring every individual regardless of age or disability maintains an independent and comfortable life within their home.

What Do I Get With Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services ?

“Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services” provide critical oversight of ageing parents with complex needs by a geriatric Care Manager.

  • Our Care Manager will interact periodically with clients / family members, caregivers and Client Services Personnel and will align things with the information flow from the overall discussion. This information flow allows us to monitor our members’ physical and cognitive well- being, helping us to determine if additional help is needed in key areas.
  • Our Client Services Personnel will meet periodically with our members and their families to verify member client’s well- being and to address concerns and issues arising.
  • The oversight service is also here to address and provide immediate direction in cases of family crisis and or other emergency. Knowing that you can contact an elder caring expert familiar with your parents and family’s specific needs and circumstances is one of the many benefits of this service.
  • Having geriatric care management at the centre of your homecare services enhances problem solving of pressing issues that may affect the whole care team especially when caring for Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s and Palliative Care patients.
  • Our familiarity with member client’s family, lifestyle, medial and cognitive circumstances allows us to coordinate with other medical professionals and to provide input, with client agreement, where necessary. For example if you are meeting with a medical professional the oversight function will also be able to prepare a list of questions, relevant to the member client situation, so that the right questions are asked and relayed back to the family, and to the services team looking after your family member.

Why we are special compared to others ?

  • Prior to starting service our Care Manager will speak to you beforehand to understand your requirement in depth. This “attention to detail” helps to make the first meeting smooth and seamless and is one of the reasons we are different from other agencies. During this interaction we have an opportunity to learn even more about the person who will be receiving care. We believe the person comes first, followed closely by our care, so taking the time to know and understand you is very important. This has paved the way to some very happy partnerships between caregiver and client!
  • We take great care in matching our caregivers with our clients and our members agree, our success rate in pairing is top notch. This doesn’t happen by chance! Our client services team matches the skills and characteristics of a caregiver to the needs and personalities of our members.
  • We are one of the very few companies that take the time to personally introduce our caregivers to our members. We make sure that the caregiver and client relationship starts off on the right foot, that the caregiver is aware of all the care and personal needs of our members from the start.
  • Our caregiver introduction sets the tone for building a positive relationship. Your emotional and physical well-being are our primary concerns. We will do what it takes to make “you” feel safe and comfortable during this new relationship at your place ( home or other location ).
  • Our personalized customer service highlights us within the home care industry and truly makes us different from others in the race!

To Know More…

Call us at 6292199988 / 9748866119 to know more about our services & get an idea how “ Icchepuran ” is ready to support you in every possible way.