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What is “Ichhepuran a basic human desire services” ?

Research shows that senior citizens want to age in the comfort of their own homes. All of us want the basic comforts of our own beds & the privacy & dignity that independence brings. Quality of life is fundamental to longevity & health. Isn’t this the life that we all deserve ?

Providing someone in need with proper homecare can prevent or postpone admissions to a hospital or Nursing Home or Old Age Home. That is why we say& believe in the concept “Home Care is Prevention”. We believe that Home Carei.e assistance with tasks of daily living prevent otherwise healthy senior citizens / elders from falling into the illness, accidents and the mental decline that are seen as “normal” effects of aging.

Why Homecare Is The Best Solution Compared To Old Age Home ?

Supporting our parents and other older relatives as they grow old can be a challenging experience. It’s something we want to get perfectly right. In doing so, you will have a number of considerations, such as making sure your relative receives adequate functional and emotional support where they retain their independence, and that the care is affordable. Given these considerations, and the number of care options available, choosing the right one for your family can be daunting. But from our experience we can say moving to an Old Age Home is not a wise decision considering multiple aspects which we have listed as below :

  • Relocating to Old Age Homemeans practically losing contact with old neighbours, friends and relatives, it may lead your relative to
  • There is likely to be a lack of privacy in Care Homes.
  • Staff in Care Homes will care for multiple residents, meaning your relative will not receive individual attention and care.
  • Care homes often need to implement a routine to manage care for multiple residents. This may clash with your relative’s usual daily routine, leading to a loss in independence.
  • Old Age Homes are costly due to the accommodation& other additional costs, but if you choose “Icchepuran” care package,you will be staying in your own home with carers and other facilities in placebut the cost will be less comparatively.

If you’re deciding what form of care is best for your family, your relative’s health is a key factor. For relatives of sound body and mind, Home Care facilities by “Ichhepuran” will allow them to live independent lives within their home environment. However, in the event their health deteriorates your relative may no longer be able to live independently, but you no need to worry anymore, because here also “Ichhepuran” has come up with a complete Home Care facility solution. Your family will not have to move your relative to a Care Home, rather receive care at home through a combination of professionally managed caring support system provided by us.

Why Home Care ?( An Analysis Report )

As we age, physical limitations can hinder our mobility and make it difficult to complete everyday tasks that we used to take for granted. Dressing, bathing, meal preparation, housekeeping and general activities of daily living can become quite a chore ( a tedious but necessary task / aroutine task especially a household one ). As a result, many elderly adults / seniors are forced to consider alternative living arrangements including assisted care facilities (i.e Old Age Homes) or Nursing Homes. For these individuals there is another viable option to consider is :Senior Care Services , which “Ichhepuran” has brought to you.

Your carers duties may consist of:

  • It is delivered at home. There are such positive feelings that all of us associate with being in home. When we are not feeling well, most of us ask to go home. When we are feeling well, we enjoy the sanctity of our residences and the joy of being with our loved ones.
  • Home care keeps families together. There is no more important social value. It is particularly important in times of illness.
  • Home care serves to keep the elderly independent. None of us want to be totally dependent and helpless. With some assistance, seniors can continue to function as viable members of society.
  • Home care prevents or postpones institutionalization like admitting to Old Age Home / Nursing Home.
  • Home care promotes healing. There is abundant evidence that patients heal more quickly at home.
  • Home care allows a maximum amount of freedom for the individual. Old Age Homes /Hospitals and Nursing Homes offer more regimented, regulated environments. Home care offers a reassuring, individualized setting.
  • Home care is personalized care. It is tailored to the needs of each individual& is delivered on a one-to-one basis, so one-to-one care is guaranteed.
  • Home care not only involves the individual but also engages the family in the care program that is delivered. The patient and his/her family are taught to participate in the health care action plan. They are taught how to get well, and how to stay fit in that way.
  • Home care reduces stress. Unlike most forms of health care which can increase anxiety and stress, home care frequently has the opposite effect.
  • Home care is one of the most effective forms of health care. There is very high consumer satisfaction associated with care delivered in the home.
  • Home care is an efficient form of health care. By bringing health services home, the patient does not generate boarding and room expenses. The patient and/or his family supply the food and tend to the individual’s other needs. Technology now has developed to the point where many services, once only available in a hospital, can be offered at home.
  • Home care is, in many cases, less expensive than other forms of care. The evidence is convincing that, for many services, home care is less expensive than other forms of care. In general, home care costs only one-tenth as much as hospitalization and only one-fourth as much as nursing home placement to deal with comparable health problems.
  • Home care extends life. A study by the U.S. General Accounting Office has established that people receiving home care tend to live longer and have a better quality of life. Home care helps not only add years to life, but “life to years.”
  • Home care is the preferred form of care, even for individuals who are terminally ill. There is a growing public acceptance and demand for Hospice Care, which is home care for individuals who are terminally ill.

Why Home Care is gaining popularity in India at a fast pace?

Home care is the concept that is gaining popularity in India very fast. The growth drivers are the changing clinical and societal grounds.
There is growing public demand for health care services that are available to the public in their own homes. The reasons have to do with tradition, with technology, and with

Home care is the oldest form of healthcare – and it is also the “newest.” Modern technology has developed to the point where many services that are available in the hospital can be provided at home. There is significant evidence that it is less costly than other forms of care, and that it is the most satisfying form of health care available to the public. It is an idea whose time has come. Listing out some of the vital points behind the popularity of Home Care.

Family Structure

With the growing number of nuclear families, with greater urban and even international migration, the elderly are left with no caregivers. Hence due to the formation of micro family structure Home Care has become so much important.

Quality of Life

People are now looking not just at longevity, but also the quality of life. The transforming healthcare scenario & rapid urbanization has led to the advent of Home Care – i.e health care services at home for the convenience of patients and their families. Rather than seeking aggressive medical intervention at Hospitals / Nursing Homes, many are opting for symptom management at home, which is cost effective & easy to access.


A changing consumer mindset is now trending towards Home Care, with access to healthcare at the place and time of their convenience. With technology in place & good communication system Home Care has become accessible & is growing at a new height.
Homecare or home-based healthcare is thus a solution that is increasingly better suited for the times we live in.

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