Ichhepuran : For Couples ( Elderly / Senior )

Ichhepuran : For Couples ( Elderly / Senior )

When one partner in a couple needs greater long-term care and assistance than the other is able to provide, perhaps due to the onset of a debilitating illness, deciding on the best way forward can be difficult. For elder / senior couples, the possibility that they might be separated in order for one partner to enter residential care (i.e. Care Home / Old Age Home) may cause anxiety for both.

“Ichhepuran” has brought Live in care facility for couples which removes the need for partners to be separated, enabling them to remain together in their home and to continue to enjoy their daily lives whilst receiving the highest level of care they need. Live in Carers are always on hand when needed whether to take care of domestic chores or to provide personal or specialist care. Offering freedom from the burden of everyday tasks and peace of mind both for the couple and their family that they are in the safe and compassionate hands of care, live in care for couples enables loving partners to maintain their independence and share a better quality of life together.


Whether just one or both partners require assistance, live in care for couples provides a practical and cost-effective alternative to seeking residential care in Old Age Homes / Care Homes. Not only can a live in carer make life easier, more secure and more enjoyable couples, they can also provide invaluable companionship.


Removing the stress of separation and the challenge of providing care and support to a loved one, live in care for couples enables you and your loved one to maintain control of your life together in the comfortable and secure surroundings of your own home.

We are specialized in matching live in carers to the needs of couples and is renowned for delivering exceptionally high standards of care. Try now and feel the difference.

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