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Stroke is the second most common cause of death after coronary artery diseases (Cardiac problems) globally.80 million people in the world have a stroke, 50 million stroke survivors live with some form of permanent disability. However, while stroke threatens humankind all across the globe, developing countries like India account for more than four-fifths of all strokes. The stroke incidence rate in India is much higher than in other developing countries with approximately 1.8 million( 10.8 Lacs ) Indians out of a population of 1.2 billion (120 Crs.) suffering from stroke every year.There is also a wide variation in case fatality rates with the highest being 42% in Kolkata.

Stroke is treatable and its impact can be significantly reduced. The addition of stent retriever technology has reduced disability, improved neurological outcomes and increased the rate of return to functional independence in patients suffering stroke.

While stroke is a major public health concern worldwide, the burden on India has been increasing at an alarming rate over the past few decades. The startling statistics show that there is an urgency with which the phenomenon of stroke needs to be addressed in India for reducing the huge stroke burden that the country is facing.

In India, common risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, smoking, and dyslipidemia are prevalent and insufficiently controlled due to low awareness levels of the disease.

Many people affected by stroke are unable to access treatment and rehabilitation due to lack of awareness. People generally tend to ignore the symptoms of stroke. However, early detection is very crucial because in stroke, 32,000 brain cells are damaged every second the disease goes untreated.

World Stroke Day is celebrated on October 29 to raise awareness and advocacy campaigns and build commitment to reducing the burden of stroke at global, regional and local level.

What is Stroke ?

A Stroke is medical emergency that occurs when the blood supply to part of the brain is severely reduced, resulting in to damage of brain tissue. This affects person’s appearance, speech, sight and body functions.

Stroke is a leading cause of death and disability globally. It can happen to anyone at any age and impacts survivors, family and friends, workplaces and communities.and for many life after stroke won’t be quite the same; but, with the right care and support living a meaningful life is still possible.

Living life after a Stroke

For most stroke survivors, life will be different after stroke. Accepting and adjusting to life after stroke is fundamental to the recovery and well-being. Finding “new normal” won’t happen all at once, it will take time to happen. By working with healthcare team, developing new routines and tracking small step-by-step goals, can make progress smooth.

How “ Aador – Jotno ” can help Stroke patients ?

Families impacted by a loved one suffering a Stroke can be very challengingand for many life after stroke won’t be quite the same; but, with the right care and support living a meaningful life is quite possible.We understand this fact very well and hence offer Stroke care and support program to stroke survivors and their families throughout Kolkata area. At “Aador-Jotno” our compassionate, reliable, experienced and affordable in-home caregivers understand the post – stroke recovery process. Recovering and living with a stroke places a high degree of emotional, mental and physical stress not only for the survivor but also on family members. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing assistance and inspiration throughout the day by doing the following :

  • Activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing and toileting
  • Overseeing the home exercise program prescribed by doctor
  • Transportation support such as running errands, visiting friends/relatives places, or taking you to the doctor’s chamber / hospitals etc…

Tailored Stroke Care in your own Home

Surviving a stroke can be life changing. When recovering from a stroke it is widely recognised by the medical profession that receiving care at home following a stroke can have an enhanced effect on rehabilitation and quality of life.

Tailored, one-to-one home care matched to an individual’s needs offers invaluable rehabilitation support and the reassurance of having help at hand whenever it is needed.

We carefully match an expertly trained team of two professional carers who help clients with the practical tasks of everyday life, as well as providing companionship and emotional and social support. They help on a daily basis to achieve goals and regain independence during stroke recovery.

Stroke expertise by “ Aador – Jotno ” -

“Aador -Jotno”recognizes and putsrecovery process from Strokeas the highest priority in list and gives you and your family as little or as much help asneeded to get relief, also we focus to maintain and enhance your loved one’s dignity, safety and independenceparallely in our activities we do. Our ability to understand the appropriate role we play allows us to best support and provide relief when needed.

Our carers, together with support from our care team and specialist in-house Occupational Therapist, are on hand to advise on medical and healthcare requirements and we work to improve strength, muscle tone, speech, mobility, and independence.

We liaise with Physiotherapists, OccupationalTherapists(OTs), speech and language therapists, dieticians and doctors to provide a holistic approach to care. We understand the importance of nutrition and how appetite can change following a stroke and we work with clients to create specialist menu plans that meet preferences and needs.

Specialist Nursing and Medical care

Supported by our specialist nurse, our professional care teams support clients with nursing care at home. All our professional carers are qualified to manage and administer medications and support with a number of complex medical interventions.

We understand that complex medical care can require equipment and other adaptations to the home. Our dedicated care team will liaise with doctors, nurses, Occupational Therapists - OTs, physiotherapists and other health and social care professionals, to manage all health care needs to ensure a holistic and multi-disciplinary care plan is in place.

Round-The-Clock Managed Service

Our StrokeCare service can be provided as 24-hour live-in care, day care or a short-term respite service

whatever is right for you and includes:

  • Dedicated care team led by Care Manager
  • Full assessment before care starts
  • Bespoke and flexible care plan
  • Specialist support and expertise, 7 days a week
  • Liaising with Doctors and other professionals involved in care provision
  • Meal planning and household/domestic tasks
  • Social activities and lifestyle enhancement

Feel free to speak to our Care Manager and share your concerns at 6292199988 / 9748866119, we are ready to hear you & support you accordingly.

To Know :

Recognizing the signs of Stroke ( through F.A.S.T ) and getting medical help is one of the best ways to improve the outcome of a stroke. Common symptoms of Stroke can be remembered as F.A.S.T where –

  • F stands forface, ask the person to smile and see if one side of the face droops
  • A is for arms, ask the person to raise both arms and look if one arm drifts downwards
  • S stands forspeech, ask the person to repeat a simple phrase. Is speech slurred or strange ?
  • T is for time to call ambulance,if you observe any of these above signs immediately call ambulance, as the stroke patient needs immediate help