Baby care in Kolkata

Child Care


India is a country which is growing rapidly. The population is huge, ever-expanding, and so is the number of working-class people. But working at an age where one also has to take care of their children can be quite a challenge.Working mothers, experience firsthand the struggle of balancing the demands of work and children — day in and day out.In 3 out of 4 working class nuclear families, the working mother has to leave her job in order to take care of her child, which results in an employment gap in her career often leading to scarcity of available jobs.

How AadorJotno can help you ?

Considering multiple aspects, “Aador – Jotno” has come up with customized solutions for mother to take care of her child. We offer flexible wraparound care to families, adapting our childcare services to each individual scenario.

Our team of carers, all of whom fully understand the challenges mums and dads face daily. We can provide care for a range of child-minding situations, whether at home or out and about, including:

  • Home babysitting for families
  • Babysitting for families when attending events away from home
  • Mobile crèche ( Aaya will be there moving with you all the time ) facilities at shopping centres, weddings, conferences, parties and other related events

We recognise that different children may have specific, individual needs and we design our care solution accordingly. It’s our aim to be as flexible as possible to put you first.

Call us at 6292199988 / 9748866119 to know more about our services & get an idea how “ Aador – Jotno ” is ready to support you in every possible way.