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Home Health Care Vs Home Care

Home Care and Home Health Care are distinct types of care which are both provided in a home setting, but most people aren’t aware of the differences and use these terms interchangeably. The key difference is that “home care” is non-clinical care and “home health care” is clinical care.

To learn the difference between Home Health Care and Home Care let’s get deep into the details of the topic.

Home Health Care

Home Health Care refers to care provided in the home, by a medical professional, such as a nurse or physical therapist. In this case, the individual has a medical condition or is in some version of post-surgical or outpatient status, requiring assistance from a medical care provider.

Generally, home health professionals are only authorized to perform the tasks prescribed by the Physician.

In a different way we can say :

  • Home health care is skilled care from medical professionals likeby a registered nurse, occupational therapist, physical therapist or other skilled medical professionals, and is often prescribed as part of a care plan following a hospitalization, &requires a written order from a doctor.
  • This type of care help patients/older adults recover at home from a serious health issue& stay comfortably.
  • It’s usually less expensive, more convenient, and as effective as care from a hospital or skilled nursing facility (nursing home).

Home Health Services

Home health care services include :

  • At-home physical, occupational, or speech therapy
  • Therapy and skilled nursing services
  • Monitoring serious illness and unstable health status
  • Pain management
  • Administration of medications, including injections
  • Intravenous (IV) or nutrition therapy
  • Wound care& dressing changes

When to use Home Health Care

Situations in which home health is prescribed include :

  • Following an inpatient hospitalization, rehabilitation, or a stay at a skilled nursing facility – to help the person/senior transition back to independence
  • When a person/senior has had a recent medication change, in order to monitor for side effects and assure a new medication is effective
  • When a person/senior experience an overall decline in functioning – in order to help them to regain independence through therapy or learning new skills to compensate for their deficit

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Home Care : An Invaluable Resource

At the most basic level, home care refers to any services that help to keep an individual safe and comfortable in his/her own home – without requiring any specific healthcare treatments provided by the home care aid (carer).

Home care services are mainly non-medical and provide companionship and assistance with activities of daily living. It is in true sense an Invaluable Resource who require it actually.

Home care is provided by caregivers, usually called home care aides, who are experienced to take care of the home & persons living in the home. Home care aides can help older adults, seniors,children, babies with activities of daily living, or just offer some friendly companionship& care.The main goal of home care is to keep someone safe and comfortable in their own home.

Unlike home health care, home care is classified as personal care or companion care and is considered “unskilled” or “non-clinical.”
Although "home care" caregivers don't provide medical services, there is so much more they can do; Home care can be a vital lifeline for your daily lifestyle.

Home Care - Why it is becoming so popular ?

Many people today are extremely busy with their careers and other obligations, and though they would like to, they cannot always stay home with their sick child, bedridden spouse or recovering parent due to important commitments at work or other responsibilities outside the home. Hence, Home Care is becoming such popular service now-a-days and affordable to all.

For people who don’t necessarily need in-home healthcare services, but rather, need assistance with things like household chores or personal care, a home care provider (also called a personal care aide or a home care aide) may be the solution. This is a role that does not require any formal certification. It requires a set of duties to be performed on a regular basis & above all attention &proper care from the carer in a true sense.So,it is being observed that Home Care todayis becoming invaluable to many persons/seniors in present day busy scenario. More and more number of people are taking help of Home Care facilities to fulfill their everyday requirements…

Home Care Services

Home care providers can offer a wide variety of services to help persons/seniors in their everyday living.

Services provided by home care aides may include :

  • Helping with personal grooming, like bathing or getting dressed
  • Help with moving around, getting in and out of bed or the shower
  • Meal preparation
  • Light housekeeping like washing dishes, vacuuming, or doing laundry
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship and friendship

Details of standard Home Care services?

Home care services are available for those who find it a challenge to execute the activities required in basic, day-to-day life. Without assistance, they would find themselves at risk for injury, malnourished, more prone to depression and may experience diminished mental, physical and/or emotional health without the support of a compassionate caregiver.

Home care services also include options, such as :


Even those who enjoy living alone get lonely, and that loneliness intensifies if you’re housebound, let alone if you’re mostly chair- or bedbound. Companionship is one of the most requested home care services.Research has shown that mentally engaging activities can have a positive influence on people’s mood and outlook on life.

Within the “companionship” umbrella lives everything from attending social engagements together, playing cards, reading, listening to music, gardening, walking the dog, listening to stories, crafting and other activities desired by the client.

Medication reminders

Medication mismanagement can be a big problem in recovery process. This can include not taking some medications, missing doses, or taking medications at the wrong time. Professional home caregivers can give reminders and check the medication pill box for accuracy. Problems are reported to the family or the nurse from home health. Caregivers can also pick medications up at the pharmacy.

Memory lapses are normal as we age, even without dementia or Alzheimer’s. This is compounded for seniors who’ve been retired for a while because it’s easy to lose track of dates or days without a daily work routine.

While a home care aid cannot legally administer medications (that falls into the health care department), but they can remind seniors/persons to take their meds as prescribed.

General housekeeping

Cleaning the house, changing sheets and doing laundry, watering plants, taking care of pets, reorganizing closets and cabinets so they’re more accessible, and more – general housekeeping services can help to conserve energies so seniors have more interest and stamina for more enjoyable activities and hobbies.

Regular house cleanings also ensure living conditions are safe and sanitary, that burned out light bulbs are replaced and that responsible parties are alerted when maintenance issues need to be addressed.

Grocery Shopping & Meal Prep

Cooking for one is rarely any fun, indeed full of stress !!!. It also requires a lot of energy to prepare, cook and clean up. Add that to the fact that many people/seniors can’t get to the grocery store easily and you can see why malnourishment, bone density loss and weakening of muscles and joints is a risk for seniors/persons who live alone or are not capable of preparing healthy meals.

Nutrition and hydration are very important factors in recovery process. A caregiver can make balanced, appetizing meals. They can encourage adequate nutrition, track fluid intake, and shop for groceries.

Grocery and meal prep services ensure there are always healthy foods and snacks available within the house, as well as delicious&easy-to-heat meals are available so people/seniors can have three square meals per day. Home care aids are also happy to keep clients company while they eat, which promotes better appetites.

Basic hygiene and toileting / Dressing, Bathing and Transferring

Imagine you have broken your arm, shoulder, hip, rib or leg. If you have had this experience you know how challenging it is to get dressed and to bathe. Even maintaining the basic hygiene becomes soso tough. Not to mention cook, clean and drive. A caregiver can assist with helping someone get dressed and out of bed. Not only is it nice to be bathed and dressed, caregivers can also style hair, trim and file nails, put on accessories, etc., so persons/seniors can feel like themselves again.They can help someone take a shower and monitor their walking. Home caregivers can also help someone transfer from bed or to the toilet.A caregiver is happy to assist with these basic, daily necessities.


Staying active can be one of the most important factors in recovery from illness or surgery. Studies have even shown that people with dementia can improve their mood with increased physical activity. Physical therapists provided by home healthcare can get people started on the right track. A caregiver can help reinforce and encourage physical therapy activities when the physical therapist is not there.


Transportation is a vital part of being able to stay living at home. This includes doctor’s appointments, shopping, medication pick-ups, and other errands. Home caregivers can perform all of these tasks.

These are some of the most requested home care services. Call us to get more information about the ins-and-outs of standard home care services.

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Home Care vs. Home Health Care

When someone thinks about home care, they assume home care and home health care are one in the same, but that is not the case. Below is a side-by-side comparison of these services.

The charts below highlight some of the differences between home health and home care, both in terms of services provided :

Services Comparison

Services Typically Offerd Home HealthHome Care
Therapy towards rehabilitation Yes No
Administers medications YesNo
Performs medical tests YesNo
Formally monitors health statusYesNo
Meal preparation or delivery NoYes
House CleaningNoYes
Help with bathing dress and groomingNoYes
Reminders to take medicineYesYes
Skilled nursingYesNo
Pain managementYesNo
Wound careYesNo
Prescription medication managementYesNo
IV Therapy/InjectionsYesNo
Incontinence careNoYes
Toileting helpNoYes

Home health care and in-home care often work together

Home health care and in-home care often work together

Someone recovering from a major health event usually needs support with everyday life as well as specialized therapy or nursing-level services to continue their recovery.

For example, here’s how home health and in home care could work together :

Helping with medication

  • An in home caregiver helps your older adult remember to take daily medications
  • A home health nurse can adjust or change medications as needed

Getting physical therapy

  • A physical therapist teaches your older adult do therapeutic exercises that will improve their health condition
  • An in home caregiver is there to encourage them to do their physical therapy exercises every day, help keep them safe, watch for problems, and let the physical therapist know how the exercises are going

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