NRI Care For Family Abroad

NRI Care for Family Abroad

Your search for Peace of Mind ends here !!!

“Aador – Jotno” is pleased to introduce new home care services, to support Non-Resident Indians ( NRIs ), living in the different countries, with elderly parents living in Kolkata under our Wing named “ Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services”. “Ichhepuran Elderly Care Services” focuses its main activities towards ensuring & enhancing the quality of life of both NRIs as well as their beloved ones living here in Kolkata. With services provided in the comfort of home, your mom and dad can get the care they need with compassion, excellence, and reliability.

Most NRIs who live abroad with lots of mental pressure, worrying of their family. Even while you struggle and face so many hardships to make a life abroad, as a Non-Residential Indian, you are nostalgic of your home land and your roots, because even though attained wealth by working abroad, you are mentally living with your family in your hometown, and always thinking about your dear & near ones who may be struggling for social security and a truly reliable support in your absence. Especially if you have aged parents living separately you are undoubtedly leading a life filled with worries and tension.

Considering this, “Aador – Jotno” has launched a unique Personal Management Service to help the Bengali NRIs in a manner that one would love and serve his own family. Our comprehensive Personal Management Services are exclusively designed to help the NRIs and their family living in Kolkata. We can lend a helping hand to these NRIs who cannot care for their loved ones themselves directly. “Aador – Jotno” ensures your parents remain in good health by constantly monitoring their physical condition & taking care of them properly.

Plan of Care :

Step 1

First of all an initial assessment is performed by visiting your parent’s home. This assessment will help to determine the best plan of care for your parent. This plan of care will outline specific services that will be provided to your parents.

We will then determine which care provider is best suited to your parent’s needs, assign care providers, and schedule an appointment for senior staff (if necessary) to make a final visit. If your parents have special requirements, our Care Manager will include this in documentation for future visits.

Step 2

Detailed Assessment by our Senior Nurse (If required as per case basis )
During the visit our senior registered nurse will conduct a detailed assessment to identify any significant changes in health from the last visit.

Our services are provided by trained and experienced nurses only

The senior nurse assigned to your parent’s care will:

  • Check on specific ailments
  • Check basic vital signs
  • Assess mobility and safety
  • Manage prescription medication

The senior nurse can then advise our team on the next steps, if any are required.

Step 3

Telephone check ups

Senior staff with Aador – Jotno will also call your parents to ensure they are receiving excellent, reliable, and compassionate care. These telephone check-ups will give our clients the opportunity to ask any questions or raise concerns.

Step 4

Communicating with Non-Resident Indians

“Aador–Jotno” team will maintain a constant communication with you & will update things periodically via telephone. You can also communicate with us whenever required & we are ready to update you things from time to time.

Highlights of this Service :

  • 24 hours genuine, professional services with a personal touch & affectionate approach
  • Periodical visits to your home by our truly dedicated personnel, who are well qualified & experienced in Service Industry / Geriatric care.
  • We aim at quality service & have a long-term focus how to satisfy our clients.

Our services are genuine, with a professional, personal touch an affectionate approach, where our employees and associates involved are truly dedicated and committed to ensure that our customers are treated as their own family members, and are very much satisfied by hiring our services. We always endeavor to build a strong relationship with not only the subscriber but also with his/her dear and near ones living here.

Our services include the following :

Total Home Care Services :

Parent care

Geriatric care for aged parents - in their own home! We assist for engaging home nurse/care giver/cook, etc; do their routine outdoor works like banking, bill payments, etc; and attend to their medical health needs, rejuvenatingtheir minds & body, arrange for their holy trips.

Utility services

Statutory dues payments like building/property tax, electricity charges,phone bills,vehicle tax& others will be completely taken care by us. It also includes Banking services, Passport/DL/Insurance renewals.

Health Care

Supply of medicines, Doctor-on-call, accompanied hospital visits, laboratory tests, arranging yoga & meditation classes.

Domestic Needs

We attend to routine home care needs - plumbing, electrical, painting, gas connections, supply of households, periodical shopping, special occasion shopping, etc.

Personal Supervision Services :

  • Personal supervision through scheduled visits by our Care Manger / Relationship Executive.
  • Accompanying aged parents to assist their healthcare, shopping and other needs, including tours.
  • Deputing trusted home maids, who will be personally supervised by our Care Manager/ Relationship Executive.

Property Management Services :

  • Proper maintenance of your house/flat, Gardening/ Landscaping ( the process of making a garden or other piece of land more attractive by altering the existing design, adding ornamental features, and planting trees & shrubs ( if required )
  • Pest control ( if applicable )

Call us at 6292199988 / 9748866119 to know more about our services & get an idea how “ Aador – Jotno ” is ready to support you in every possible way.