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Physiotherapy Services

The home is the best place for physical therapy, where comfortable surroundings directly increase your chances of rehabilitation. That’s why we provide physiotherapy at home that helps you recover faster and get back to normal health quickly.

What is Physiotherapy Service at-home?

Physiotherapy is the ideal solution for ailments such as chronic pain, reduced mobility due to arthritis, bone & joint problems, & neurological complications such as paralysis. These problems can deteriorate the quality of every-day life, and make one dependent on others for daily needs.

In case of recovery or rehabilitation from sports injuries, muscle spasms or cramps, & surgery, opting for physiotherapy near you is the only way to accelerate healing, so that you may return quickly to normal life. However, in such situations, opting to call the physiotherapist at home can reduce pain, improve mobility & balance, restore muscle and joint strength, and can help heal body & mind quicker.

Physiotherapy is the science of diagnosing and treating disease and illness using physical therapy techniques to improve mobility, flexibility, strength & overall well-being. It is a health care profession concerned with human function & movement & maximizing its potential. It uses physical approaches to promote, maintain & restore physical, psychological & social wellbeing, taking account of variations in health status.

Understanding your needs, Aador-Jotno offers to send highly qualified physiotherapists at home to help diagnose, manage and treat physical aches and pains that interfere with your everyday life in the safety and privacy of your home.

Whether recovering from a simpler injury or dealing with long term health issues such as arthritis, having a trained physiotherapist at home will help rehabilitate your movement dysfunction in your musculoskeletal system. A multi-prong approach of exercises, lifestyle plan reinforced by ultrasound and electric stimulation will help you restore your strength, coordination and make everyday life easier.

When do you need physiotherapy at home?

  • If you have recurring pain, lack of mobility and lack of coordination
  • Recovering from surgery such as joint replacement
  • The patient is suffering from Chronic Joint Injury
  • If suffering from sports injury
  • The patient undergoing neuro-rehabilitation
  • If suffering from incontinence or pelvic floor dysfunction
  • When a sprain or ruptured ligament is causing pain and discomfort
  • When travelling for physiotherapy will further aggravate the pain

What are symptoms that suggest you need physiotherapy at home?

Physiotherapy isn’t just for those recovering from a major surgery, or injury or accident. Almost all of us with sedentary jobs, & active lifestyles may need some form of physiotherapy to deal with the aches and pains. Here’s a list of common signs that may need you to look for physiotherapy near you or call a physiotherapist at home.

  • A persistent pain that refuses to go away and interferes with the quality of your life.
  • An old injury that flares up from time to time
  • Decreased mobility & unsteady balance, leading to a change in lifestyle
  • Frequent urination or inability to control urine
  • Regular pain when you lift your laptop, child or sit at a desk for an entire day.

Why is physiotherapy at home a good idea?

With the help of our visiting Physiotherapist, you can eliminate the need to move out of the house to receive treatment. Here at the comfort of your home itself you are receiving the Therapy with personal attention, it simply increase your chance of fasterrecovery. Every Physiotherapy session comes with a with a minimum time frame of 30 minutes.

  • improves healing due the feeling of comfort
  • removes obstacles,
  • reduces time and cost,
  • Specialised therapy for high risk surgery recovery.

What does a physiotherapist at home help you with?

Each and every “Aador – Jotno’s”physiotherapist will help you with:

  • An Assessment Session to diagnose the problem
  • Create an Exercise routine to fix the problem
  • Patient Medical History Evaluation to ascertain the best course of treatment
  • Tracking of Recovery based on suggested scale
  • A Range of Motions to help improve mobility and balance
  • Customized Treatment Plan

Unlike looking for physiotherapy near you, our physiotherapists, in an assessment session, will share your capacity assessment which includes an exercise, diet and treatment plan based on your current diet and general health. The exercises include stretches, aerobics, strength training and a range of motion exercises supported by modern medical technology such as IFT, Ultrasound and manual traction.

They would suggest the ideal model and evaluate your medical history. A physiotherapist at home would then evaluate the recovery based on the suggested scale of treatment. Finally, the physiotherapist will provide you a customized treatment plan with preventative advice to improve muscle strength, improve coordination & range of movement & enhance core strength.

What to expect from Aador - Jotno’s in-home physiotherapists?

Our trained physiotherapists will provide you the best treatment in the comfort of your home to recover faster.

  • In the first 30 minutes of the session, our skilled physiotherapists will assess your symptoms, and ask you to describe and quantify the problem.
  • A physiotherapist at home will then create a course of rehabilitation with specific therapeutic exercises & stimulations in mind based on your musculoskeletal needs.
  • The course is flexible to suit your recovery pace & progress. In fact, exercises and movements will often be changed or enhanced, depending on how the patient responds to the plan.
  • On agreement, our physiotherapist will then assist you with a combination of physical exercises, through the course of your recovery.

Immediate relief from pain and symptoms can occur in as low as 5 sessions of physiotherapy at home. Usually, a larger number of sessions is needed to see significant recovery. The physiotherapist will inform you on what to expect and plan the frequency and intensity of the sessions accordingly.

What is our range of Physiotherapy Services?

What is our range of Physiotherapy Services?

  • Rehabilitation after Surgical Treatments.
  • Elderly Rehabilitation.
  • Stroke Patient’s Rehabilitation.
  • Post traumatic Treatment.
  • Home Safety Assessment and providing safety plans
  • Pain Management Therapy
  • Chest physiotherapy.
  • Caregiver training for proper handling and manipulation for their patients.
  • Therapeutic Massage for muscle, joints, and soft tissue injuries.
  • Physical Treatment for bedridden patients.

Types of Physiotherapy we deal with


It is the type of service that provides physiotherapy at home


It is the type of service that provides physiotherapy at home


If you or your loved one regularly suffers from injuries while participating in sports,


A post-operative is required if your loved one has recently had a surgery.


Opting for pediatric physiotherapy near you will help take care of babies


This form of physiotherapy at home is mostly required for the elderly members of your family


The oncology branch of physiotherapy is dedicated to care for those loved


This is that branch of physiotherapy at home that can help your loved one

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