Respite care at home Kolkata

Respite Care

Provided To Elderly

Respite care is short-term care that is provided to Elderly ( / Seniors ) or very sick people so that the person who usually cares for them can have a break.


Quite often, family carers become tired and need a break to refresh and recharge themselves.Everyone needs a break. Respite care provides caregivers a temporary rest from caregiving, while the personcontinues to receive care in a safe environment as earlier.Our short-term respite service, offered either as day care, overnight care or live-in care, allows you to take a break knowing that we are delivering expert care - invaluable peace of mind and reassurance.

How Respite Care can support people ?

Respite care provides companionship and friendship, at a time when people need it most. Whether it’s cooking meals and eating together, heading out to a club or activity or offering a much-needed sympathetic ear, our carers are there to get the most out of people’s existing lifestyles and, where possible, enhance them. They can help with :

  • Personal care (hygiene)
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Housekeeping - cleaning and laundry
  • Household management/administration
  • Mobility support
  • Social activities and lifestyle support
  • Shopping and trips outdoors

How Aador - Jotno can support ?

At Aador - Jotno we understand the importance of maintaining the normal routine of care that your loved one currently has, even if their primary Professional Carer has to take some time away. We can ensure that the care plan for your loved one won’t change from their regular routine, maintaining stability to ensure that our in home respite care transition is easy and undisruptive is a priority at Aador - Jotno.

What are the options for respite care at home ?

Respite care for the elderly is typically a more temporary package that we can tailor to your specific needs. Our Carers can provide live-in, hourly and nightly in home respite care services, depending on the nature of the respite care. They can help with domestic tasks, mobility assistance, companionship, personal care and hygiene, and medication assistance. It can be tailored to suit the individual needs that they may have.

Nighttime Respite Care

Our Nursing Assistants can provide evening and overnight care, typically from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m., including tuck-in.

Daytime Respite Care

Daytime respite care, typically from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., provides clients the help with daily living tasks they need while freeing up loved ones to work

Scheduled Respite Care

If you normally handle caregiving duties for a family member, but have an appointment or obligation coming up.

Emergency Respite Care

Unexpected things happen. But life’s emergencies — whether being called out of town unexpectedly or just needing

Weekend Respite Care

Many people work on the weekends or have other obligations that prevent them from spending as much time

Benefits of Respite Care

After your temporary in home respite care package with AadorJotno, if you decide that you would like us to be your primary care provider this can be easily arranged. We can provide you the same care worker or a different more suitable care worker for your loved one. Our care workers will work flexibly with you to ensure that there is as little disruption to the care provision as possible.

We’re Here To Help

We understand that sometimes you may need care support for a family member at short notice. Please call us on 6292199988 / 9748866119 and we will do what we can, to give you great quality care as soon as possible.